Thursday, March 10, 2016

Aultman update, a recap of the past year!

Yes, it has been a long time since I have blogged here,  but it was a break that I needed to take. I can't promise that I will be posting as often again, but I have felt for a while now that I needed to post an update. The past 10 months have been eventful to say the least. John and I left the Marshall Islands program in March due to God's leading and the program basically being at a unfortunately still seems to be. Next, we moved to filling out paperwork to transfer to the Domestic Waiting Children program, right when we were getting set up with a social worker and everything was transferred over, we were asked tif we would be willing to travel to Sierra Leone to help get a sewing program going at the orphanage we had previously visited. We both felt we needed to go, inconvenient timing and all. This was an emotional time for me. I felt I was definitely being called to go, which confused me and broke part of me. We had just been through a long roller coaster of adoption, just switched programs, and Now he tells me to leave the country for a month and put the adoption plans on hold?

It's not about me. How many times do we need that reminder? This is still God's story, and I get to be apart of it, I get to be apart of what he's doing meanwhile being molded into who I am to become. I yielded, John and I booked our tickets, we would choose to follow: all in. Then the craziest thing happened...

I was late. I didn't think much of it, except one morning I woke up and had a feeling that I had to take a test and get it over with. I grabbed the last pregnancy test in my stash, used it and set it on the counter while I got ready for the day. After so many negatives, and being so focused on adoption, I  had became a little numb. I still felt numb when the second line came through. I decided that the test was old and went to the store to get some new 'accurate' ones. The answer was the same, positive. I was pregnant. I was in so much shock, I didn't know what to believe. I chose to believe God had finally said 'yes', and blessed us with this life! As I began to let it sink in, all the way home, and for the weeks and months to come it has continued to bring me to my knees before my Father, how amazing and gracious is he??!!

As we continued our travel plans, God was so faithful and affirming in the call for us to go. I knew there might be people that disagreed with out decision to still go while I was pregnant, but I continued to hear confirmation from him. He is my protector and sustainer, verses about his character and nature kept flooding my brain, he would be with us and this child, there was no need to fear or doubt.

We were taken care of, even when John left with Dave and Juli and I remained for 3 more weeks I felt his provision, guidance and protection. Although we were there for one main reason, we were also there for more that we didn't expect, many too of which we still don't know I'm sure. During that time we got to help get the sewing program going and get more machines installed at the center. We also got to know a young man named Paul who wants to become an electrical engineer and was studying for his national exams while John was there...John is an Electrical Engineer. During that time John was not only able to help him study, but we also got to witness him coming to Christ and be there for his baptism! We consider Paul our brother and very much hope to bring him to the US to live with us while he goes to Engineering school. We got to dream about building houses for faithful men in Sierra Leone to bless them, their families, and neighborhoods. We got to see that dream move into an actual plan and witness God move in hearts back home to provide the money for the first home, and be there to deliver the news to the family! We got to spend quality time with the two boys we sponsor, which we are now pursuing to adopt God willing! So much happened, we were beyond blessed by the people yet again and the ability to be apart of something so much greater than us.

We have finished our, yes third, homestudy and plan to pursue the adoption of these two boys who will remain nameless and ageless for the time being due to needed privacy and legality reasons. I can tell you that we are beyond excited, but know it will most likely be a very difficult and potentially long process with no real estimated timeframe. I am fairly certain that even a year ago I would never have said yes to this: too risky, to unsure, to much potential for heartache on all sides. I love that God changed my heart, we are yet again, all in. Why? Because God is faithful, trustworthy, and these boys are worth it!!

So as I sit typing this 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant with this very active boy inside me, I'm at peace. It seems God continues to teach us in the wait, but as I look back I have no doubt this was the best plan. I wouldn't change a thing, not because it was definitely hasn't been, but because is has been purposeful and we are not the same as we were. We are united, and we are His. What comes next I have no idea, but I know it will be good, even if at that time we can't see it. We trust him more than we ever have and do you know what comes with that? FREEDOM! Freedom to dream, to jump, to live, not holding on to the railing with fear, but with arms wide open to the life that he has given us. He is not meant to be just apart of our lives, He is to BE our lives. With many lessons, blessings, and yes, trials ahead we press on in eager expectation of all that he has for us to walk. Glory and honor and praise be to him forever and ever!!