Sunday, November 9, 2014

Abundantly blessed, THANK YOU for your support!

So for those of you who don't know, we were able to be apart of a Vendor and Craft Show at the Avenue Coffee house in Cloquet this past Saturday. Kayla Leveille and Brook & Mandee Carlson put it all together and graciously decided to bless us with a booth at the vendor show free of charge. We used our booth to sell girls skirts, pacifier clips, dresses, and other sewing items that i have made my myself and with the help of friends and family, knit mittens, vanilla and hazelnut extract, wooden stars that Jan Dewey and Sarah Clifton made to donate, and many other items made by supporting friends and family.  Also, 30% of Kayla's Jamberry sales at the Vendor show and through the end of the month on her Facebook party, and half the proceeds from the booth fees and the silent auction, the other half going to The Raining Season Orphanage in Sierra Leone, West Africa. John and I can personally attest to the awesome ways God has been moving there, it is an orphanage that only God could create, with 'aunties and uncles' (names they call their care givers) that love on those kids everyday with all that they have. Traveling there a year and a half ago to spend 10 days with those kids is something John and I will never forget, and we will always long to go back and miss all those children dearly. When asked by one of our friends if we 'were feeling the love' from everyone, we can honestly and whole heartedly say YES, WE DO! We have no words for how much we feel lavished on, how thankful we are for our friends and family who so readily ask 'how can we help', 'what can we do', and mean it, for everyone who was apart of putting it together, who came to the show, or prayed for God to move, who have donated online or sent checks, we THANK YOU!!! This week, between Thursday and today (Sunday), a total of 4 days, we raised $9,427.50!!! We are blown away, and humbled to our cores. You are reminding us what a great God we serve, what awesome friends and family we have, and for that we thank you as well. My heart is so full, not to get goey people, it's just that we are so intensely encouraged. And at the risk of sounding strange, I will tell you that I feel just as pregnant as I did when there was a child growing inside me, know why? Because there is, the saying a some of you may have heard 'growing a child not under my heart but in it' is not cliche, it is a true, raw, real emotion. Even though I don't know how this going to turn out, and I know all the uncertainty of adoption, I still feel blessed in it. Everyday I wake up with the realization that I have been called to adoption, I don't know if I can adequately explain how humbling that feels. The idea that someone would entrust us with the child they grew inside of them, walked with, talked to, birthed, well, that is insanely humbling and continues to humble me, and instill in me a profound feeling of love, and a huge sense of responsibility. I pray for birth family, let me rephrase that, I get the profound blessing and gift of praying for them, everyday. How can you love and respect someone you have never met? Adopt. For a family to have the wisdom, the selflessness, the courage, the Love, the faith, confidence and trust in God and trust in us to chose to give their child in hopes of the opportunity of a better future for them, that is amazing. That is crazy love. I have been day dreaming this week of meeting our child, but also meeting their birth family, and I am shook to the core, in the best kind of refining way. I want them to know that I love and respect them, not because they are giving us their child to raise, but because they are brave, they are worth loving and respecting. This is such an amazing journey, and i speak for both John and I when I say we feel the love, we feel the support, we are insanely blessed and humbled to call you all friends and family. Thank you again for being apart of what God is doing in us, for sharing in our journey, we love you all!

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