Friday, June 20, 2014

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our adoption blog!  John and I are creating this blog to give you all a way to stay updated on our adoption process.

So for you all who want the details of how we came to adoption...that's a difficult, complicated, and long question to answer, but I'll do my best to answer it concisely:

John and I have felt a desire to both adopt and have birth children since as long as we both can remember.  We decided about a year after we were married in 2011 to try to start a family, and in the Fall of 2012 after about a year of trying, we got some crazy amazing news: we were pregnant!  It was a special time in our lives and one we feel very blessed to have had.  Our first ultrasound in December was surreal, I felt a kind of love that was unique to any I had felt before, and I feel honored to keep it in my heart.  At 15wks I went in to the doctor in early January due to some bleeding, during the ultrasound it was confirmed that our baby had died.  We went in for my D&C the next day, and in the following months were surrounded by love and support from our family and friends.  Again, we learned more about who God is and how He loves us through His intimacy during the thick hurt we felt during that time.  John and I grew stronger together, and continue to be changed into who He has called us to be.  A few months later we felt led to apply for the RMI adoption program as well as try to adopt from Sierra Leone, Africa.  We had the opportunity to travel to The Raining Season orphanage in Freetown, SL during our home study process and fell in love with the people, area, and especially the children.  When we came home we found out that due to changes President Obama made to better safeguard children, our home study would not be accepted for international adoption since our agency was not Hague accredited.  Basically that meant we had to start all over.  During that time we were also actively trying to conceive, but with no success.  Doctors visits, labs, exams, procedures, diet changes, no NOT fun practice but perfectly timed un-spontaneous work, lots of money and heartache, but none of it in vain.  See, all the while not only was He was knitting a child in our hearts through adoption, He was also teaching us intimately who we are in Him, pouring out his steadfast love, stretching us in ways we didn't want to for our good and His glory.  I could talk all day of how much we have learned and grown together in Him, how our desire is now even more to serve Him and walk wherever he has us to go, because children or no children, He is worthy and He is enough.  Not to say that this isn't hard, or hurtful, or the desire of our hearts to have children has lessened, infact it has grown.  What I'm saying is that our perspective has changed and we know we can walk this difficult path every day for His glory and trust him with all our hearts.  So back to the timeline, after a year and a half of trying I was personally ready to be done for a time with trying to conceive, something in me just shifted and we began talking more seriously about finding an adoption agency.  Shortly after that we got an email from Lutheran Social Services inviting us to begin the process of adopting from the Republic of the Marshall Islands!  We thought and prayed about it for a couple weeks, and together decided that we should go for it.  And here we are!

Now your up to date, I will try to keep you informed as we go.  The easiest way for you will be looking at the timeline I posted below.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement thus far.

John and Jackie